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CIBC Structured Notes Indices
Last Updated: 24-Apr-2018 12:00 AM
Index NameReturn Since Inception15-Year Return1-Year ReturnLevelHistorical
CIBC Structured Notes Composite IndexTM56.43 %56.43 %-2.85 %156.43075Click
  CIBC Principal Protected Notes IndexTM46.98 %46.98 %-3.55 %146.97850Click
    CIBC Principal Protected Equity Growth Notes IndexTM81.54 %81.54 %-4.27 %181.53967Click
    CIBC Principal Protected Yield Notes IndexTM5.12 %5.12 %-2.66 %105.11944Click
    CIBC Principal Protected Commodity Notes IndexTM109.37 %109.37 %1.40 %209.36885Click
    CIBC Principal Protected Multi-Asset Pearl Notes IndexTM47.65 %47.65 %3.42 %147.64999Click
    CIBC Principal Protected Mutual Fund Notes IndexTM44.15 %44.15 %-1.60 %144.15321Click
  CIBC Principal at Risk Notes IndexTM7.96 %7.96 %-2.68 %107.96340Click

1Inception means July 20, 2005, unless otherwise specified in the Index Methodology document for the index.