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CIBC Commodity Indices
The CIBC Commodity Indices are members of the CIBC Benchmark Indices, a family of proprietary indices launched and administered by CIBC . The CIBC Commodity Indices are a series of rules-based, tradable indices that measure the performance of highly liquid commodities.

As depicted in the illustration below, the CIBC Commodity Indices are organized into three layers. The CIBC Composite Commodity Index, which is composed of four diverse sub-sector indices: the CIBC Agriculture Index, the CIBC Energy Index, the CIBC Base Metals Index and the CIBC Precious Metals Index. In turn, each sub-sector index is composed of a number of single commodity indices. While the CIBC Composite Index is designed to provide investors with broad exposure to physical commodities as an asset class, the sub-sector indices and the single commodity indices allow investors to gain exposure to a particular sector or a single commodity. CIBC Commodity Indices are published daily on Bloomberg, Reuters and

The CIBC Commodity Indices are simple and flexible tools that could be used to structure customized products to meet an investor’s specific requirements.

The following table summarizes the CIBC Commodity Indices currently available:

Last Updated: 14-Dec-2018 12:00 AM
Index NameLevelHistorical
CIBC Composite Commodity IndexTM56.24343Click
CIBC Agriculture Sub-Sector IndexTM53.11005Click
    CIBC Wheat IndexTM20.59006Click
    CIBC Corn IndexTM48.92922Click
    CIBC Soybean IndexTM113.49074Click
    CIBC Coffee IndexTM29.81697Click
    CIBC Sugar IndexTM46.76314Click
    CIBC Cotton IndexTM154.86666Click
CIBC Energy Sub-Sector IndexTM27.51817Click
    CIBC Heating Oil IndexTM64.16670Click
    CIBC Gasoline IndexTM84.84704Click
    CIBC Crude Oil IndexTM33.72501Click
    CIBC Natural Gas IndexTM7.45154Click
CIBC Base Metal Sub-Sector IndexTM98.06069Click
    CIBC Aluminum IndexTM82.83757Click
    CIBC Copper IndexTM115.88656Click
    CIBC Nickel IndexTM64.87966Click
    CIBC Zinc IndexTM122.12413Click
CIBC Precious Metal Sub-Sector IndexTM106.45396Click
    CIBC Gold IndexTM115.04325Click
    CIBC Silver IndexTM80.56979Click
CIBC Commodity Risk Aligned 10% IndexTM50.70552Click