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Last Updated: 21-Mar-2019  
CIBC Canadian Financials Market Return GICs (3 Year) due January 11, 2021
FundServ   CBL3002  
ADP   C067106  
CUSIP   na  

Secondary Price   N/A [historical price]
Compounded Annual Total Return   N/A
Currency   CAD
Issue Date   10-Jan-2018
Maturity Date   11-Jan-2021
Maximum Return   N/A
Minimum Return   0.00%
Participation Rate   50.00%
ETC End Date   N/A
Payment Date Fixed Coupon
10-Jan-2019 $0.00
10-Jan-2020 TBD
11-Jan-2021 TBD

Underlyer Security Weighting Initial Value Last Value Adjusted Return*
Solactive Canada Bank Index 100.00% 342.64 329.76 0.00%
Weighted Average Return   0.00%  
Indicative Variable Interest   0.00%  
* Returns modified by relevant caps, floors, or other conditions as specified in the information statement
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Offering Document
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