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CIBC Investment Solutions – Current Issue

CIBC Canada Bank Index Growth GICs, Series 6 (USD)
Available until January 11, 2019

FundSERV Code

Current GICs



Maximum Return

Issue Date

Maturity Date

CBL 6009

CIBC Canada Bank Index Growth GICs, Series 6 (USD)

Solactive Canada Bank Index

2 Years


January 17, 2019

January 18, 2021




Interest Calculation

Variable Interest, if any, will be paid at maturity and will be equal to your Principal Amount multiplied by the Index Return. The Index Return will measure the percentage increase or decrease in the Closing Level of the Index, measured from its Start Level to its End Level, subject to a specified Maximum Return. If no Variable Interest is paid, you will only receive your Principal Amount at maturity.

Early Redemptions

The GICs cannot be redeemed or retracted prior to the Maturity Date except in the event of your death or as otherwise provided by law.


The GICs may not be transferable to another Dealer if you decide to move your investment account to such other Dealer. You should consult your advisor as to whether there are any limitations or restrictions on your ability to transfer the GICs.

Minimum Investment

US$500 for each of the GICs.

Fees and Expenses

A commission equivalent to 0.60% of the Principal Amount for the CIBC Canada Bank Index Growth GICs, Series 4 (USD) will be paid to representatives of investment dealers who purchase the GICs on behalf of their clients.

No fees or expenses will be charged during the term of the GICs that will impact the potential Variable Interest payable on the Maturity Date.

CDIC Eligibility

The GICs are not eligible for CDIC coverage.

A copy of the Offering Document may be obtained by clicking on the link below or contacting your investment advisor.