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CIBC Investment Solutions – Current Issue

CIBC Autocallable Coupon Notes linked to Mastercard Incorporated, Series 2 (USD)
Available until December 10, 2018

Linked to

Mastercard Incorporated


 3.50% Semi-Annual

Contingent Coupon Payments

(7.00% per annum)


Semi-Annual Autocall Feature (starting in June 2019)


35.00% Contingent Principal Protection

  • Currency: USD Denominated
  • Cash flow: The Notes offer the opportunity to obtain semi-annual Coupon Payments equal to the Coupon Amount of 3.50% per Note if the Reference  Return on the applicable Valuation Date is greater than or equal to -35.00%.
  • Call Feature: The Notes will automatically be called by CIBC on a Call Date if the Reference  Return on the applicable Valuation Date is greater than or equal to 5.00%.
  • Contingent Principal Protection: 35.00%
  • Selling Concession: 2.50%
  • Eligible for registered accounts: RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs, RDSPs, certain DPSPs, and TFSAs


Available Until

Issue Date

Maturity Date

Minimum Investment

How To Buy

7 years

10 December 2018

14 December 2018

15 December 2025


Wood Gundy: SyndNET

Third Party: Fundserv CBL10300 

A copy of the Offering Document may be obtained by clicking on the link below or contacting your investment advisor.