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CIBC Investment Solutions – Current Issue

CIBC Guaranteed Market Return GICs (3 Year) due November 8, 2021
Available until October 31, 2018

The CIBC Guaranteed Market Return GICs (the “GICs”) are issued by Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. The GICs entitle you to payment at maturity of an amount in Canadian dollars consisting of your Principal Amount, in addition to an annual interest payment (the “Coupon Amounts”) linked to the price performance of the equally weighted global portfolio of common shares (each a “Share” and collectively the “Shares”) of the companies described on page 3 of this Information Statement (each a “Company” and collectively the “Companies”). The list of available GICs and key information is summarized below:

FundSERV Code

Current GICs


Guaranteed Coupon Rate

Maximum Share Return

Minimum Share Return

Issue Date

Maturity Date

CBL 3056

CIBC Guaranteed Market Return GIC

3 Years




November 6, 2018

November 8, 2021

CBL 1702

CIBC Guaranteed Market Return GIC

5 Years




November 6, 2018

November 6, 2023

A copy of the Offering Document may be obtained by clicking on the link below or contacting your investment advisor.